What are your favorite iPhone games?

Toy Kite Software's first product will be a game...coming soon, so we are interested in knowing which games people actually play and which ones they like the best.


Favourite Games

Flight Control
Monster Pinball

Ouch Sway Zen Bound Bobby

Zen Bound
Bobby Carrot Forever
Bounce On

Texas Hold 'Em

Another game that we play is Apple's Texas Hold 'Em for the iPhone. A while back, 3 of us played a multi-player game using our iPhones. If the passengers in a car want to pass the time with some poker, this works great because you don't need any chips or cards--the game takes care of all that.

I actually credit this game with teaching me how to play Texas Hold 'Em. There are multiple single-player levels in the game. After you win some money at the lowest level, you can move up to other venues such as Paris or Las Vegas. The highest level is Dubai which costs $100,000 to enter. I now have $89,327,000. However I have no illusions that I am ready to play in a big money poker game--the computer opponents are not as tough as real players. However to work your way up the levels, you definitely have to learn some strategies for tournament poker. If you have an interest in poker, Texas Hold 'Em is a very good game.


Galcon is one of the favorites at Toy Kite Software. This quote is from Roberts article on this game:


"Galcon was created by Phil Hassey, and in the author's words, "Galcon is an awesome high-paced multi-player galactic action-strategy game." The apps graphics are great, the menu system works well, the concept of the game is a good one, and the gameplay is smooth and a lot of fun. However the stellar achievement of the app is that up to four people can play a real-time networked game over a local area network or they can play with other players all over the world over the cellphone data network."

As far as I know, Galcon is the only iPhone game which permits real-time multi-player games over cell phone network. This is definitely an impressive programming feat.