Im designing a wooden sword handle for my ipod

Hey peeps at ToyKite....
I got the lite version of isamurai just yesterday and I have to say...I love it!
I will be getting me the full version ASAP!

Whilst using the game, I realized the danger of letting go of my ipod.
So I began to think...being a woodworker, and someone who lived in Japan for a year...perhaps I could make a well crafted sword handle that would hold the ipod...

I know, I know...Im a dreamer...
but really, I can imagine isamurai tournaments with prizes for "dressup", "Sword design" and ofcause "fighting".
Just imagine the scope...some handles may be "fantasy" style and others full samurai or sci-fi....etc, etc..
Im going to give the handle thing a go and see what I can come up with.


Hi Wez,

Thanks for the inspiring post. You definitely got us dreaming also. And I have to say, it is a very nice dream.

See my email.


Doug Hogg
Toy Kite Software